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Friday, May 1

Who Is Behind This All.....


I am Wasim Mughal from PAKISTAN. I am MUSLIM!

I am a NewBie to Blogging World, impressed by this world. I have 5 siblings and living single. My education is not too high but Reading is my hobby!

Currently I am doing my job in PAKISTAN NAVY!

This is a great adventure serving the Nation and protecting own people from enemies. Pakistan Navy is a Defensive Force has sufficient resource to protect PAKISTANI Waters. Being a member of Armed Force I would like to say that

"Never Love Soldiers, We Die Young"

Coming to the Point that why I am Blogging?

Once I thought that I will make my own website, about 10 year ago, when my cousin brought a PC in home and we started sufing Net.

I felt this world as fun! but at the time passed my thoughts about InterNet got changed. Now a days I am using InterNet for my Professional and Educational Purpose.

What I am blogging?

This is an important point! Infact this Blog (you are viewing) I made just to learn Blogging, and I am succeed more than a bit! Now I am going to Launch my three BLOGs with my special subjects. There i will tell the world about my experience and knowledge.

Hope you all will teach, suggest and critise me about this!

Thank You!


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