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Thursday, May 28

Qualities of a Successfull BLOG and BLOGGER!

Before you launch your BLOG you must learn about following!


Because here are Milions of people who BLOG, some are professional and some have personal BLOGs!

These are the qualities of a Good and Successfull Blogger. Note: If you feel that you don't own some of these qualities, then do not leave BLOGGING! Doing some hardwork will make able you to stand in the list of Successfull Bloggers! Just don't give up and continue with these qualities........

These came in my head by Analyzing the Successfull Bloggers and i am writing these here so there will not be order for these. First you answer these questions and then make your Own BLOG!

Do You Work Hard? - Simple You need to work hard for each success, but here competition is hard. First you set your goals in BLOGGING, because these goals will set the level you need to work on a blog.

Where to Do Hard Work???

Answer is simple, in your content writing!

If you post anything within 20 minute than you have no difference. To post quality content you have to take some more time, some pain, some hard work for your Article.

As "One Hard Worker Never Fails", similarly you have to work hard to get success. Anyway a lots of effort and hard work in your BLOG will give you results!

Do You Know Basics? - Nothing is resoved without knowing basics! similarly if you don't know the basic theme of BLOGGING, you will FAIL! Clearify yourself the Basics of your goals, your needs, your opinion. Whenever someone take steps one takes one by one, earlier the FIRST and then Second. So understand the Basics of BLOGGING and then BLOG!

Are You Creative & Genuine? - A successfull Blogger is always wise, Genuine and (additionally) creative. If you BLOG then be genuine! Genuine doesn't mean to be someone who post the topic which is not touched by anyone else. As we live different, we thinks different, that's why we are unique is some ways. Now, while wirting contents, bring your personality in your wording, in your message. Just think "What makes your writing yours, what makes your content unique, what will make readers come back to your blog"! this should be your approach to the topic of discussion. You must be full of Ideas, think about your readers and making your Blog appealing them so they come back. "The problem isn’t whether or not you are creative. Rather, the problem is what is limiting your creativity."

Be Consistent! - Never Give Up! When you write about some particular niche then write consistently. The Bloggers who changes their midstrea of their BLOGs, their way of approach to the Readers, the topics, their voice and increase the expectations from their Readers can loose the respect!
While No-one likes the borings, so be consistent and never give up a little mistake!

Be Confidnet! - While you think about writing something and keeps thinking.....Never think too much! If you want to write about something you like and fell passion in that then just write it! Always remember CONFIDENT comes from writing things. Don't "please" your readers! Never avoid writing when you feel that readers will not like this, may be you are leaving your best post by leaving that topic, so Just Write It!

Do You Enjoy Writing? - Writing is the main segment of a BLOG, and if you don't love writing something, you may be a misfit to BLOGGING!

Have A Message, Be Clear! - A big world is BLOGGING today and using must blogging applications to communicate about some product some message. Think! do You need / want to communicate any message? or starting BLOG just for fun??? (This may be a waste of Time) If you have some message then be clear!
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What is A BLOG?


A BLOG is a type of Website. This is usually maintained by an individual who regularly posts some articles, some commentries, some content, desciption of events or some video or images. The Entries made by BLOG Owner, usually, are displayed in reverse order.

A Blog is just like a diary, where you (Blog Owner) enters the content what you like. This may be about some unique topic like BLOGGING, or it may even contain several topics like Copmuter Tricks, Movies, Politics, Travelling, Nature, Games etc. A typical BLOG combines Text, Images and Links to other BLOGs or WEBSITES.


There are many different types of BLOGs. These type not only differs in type of content but also in the way that content is delivered or written. Here are some types;
  • Personal Blog: This is the Most Common BLOG type. This is an ongoing diary by an individual. This kind of BLOGs usually do not become famouse, but Owner takes pride. Few of them rise to fame.
  • Corporate Blog: This type refers that Blog Owner is using it as a Business Resort. A Blog either used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relation purpose is called Corporate Blog.
  • by Genre: BLOGs focus on a particular topic like Music, Games, Themes, Fashion, Education, Niche are counted under this category. This type contains two basic categories Art Blog and Music Blog.
  • by Media Type: This type include: vlog (Comprising on Videos), linklog (comprising links), sketchblog (one contains a portofolio of sketches), photoblog (contains photos).

Thanks to Reference!!!


What I Think?

Talking farely! A BLOG is an online diary, where you can store and publish the content whatever you like, either about come particular niche or a bunch of topic. Here all content You (Blog Owner)posted will be displayed in reverse order!(Latest Article First & the First Article at the End) Have a Look at a HomePage of My Blog and Some Other BLOG!

You can make a BLOG about anything! Anything like about; your passion, Education, Travelling, Marketing, Blog of Your Brand, Computer Softwares, Technology, Games, Music, Movies, Politics & even about Coutries Comparison!

Important things in a BLOG are Archive, Categories & Comments.

All the articles/enteries you make are not shown on HomePage, so a NewBie may think that here is not much stuff! So here Archive meets the solution! Archives keep the underground content, I mean the conent which is not visible on Main Page.
Archives are like books racks where your articles are placed, you can arrange your archive as per your choice (monthly, weekly or even by date!)

When you post some entry/article, this directly gets space on your Main Page and the old entry is automatically disappeared. Infact this disappearred entry is not deleted, this goes Underground and is placed in Archives. So to search the Sub-Surface Contents Archives are the key! There are two simple ways of searching the content for readers, simply read the Archives or go through the Categories!

Categories are backdoor to the Older Articles which are archived and are not visible on front page. If reader want to see all post related to some category, simply will click on the category name and there all the articles I have posted will be visible on front page! The articles I posted earlier will be at bottom and the Latest at the TOP!

Comments are the part of BLOG where you can give Feedback to BLOG Owner. Most blogs have Comments, because each Author want to know about his effort! & Indeed comments are the links between Reader and Blog Owner. Clicking on Comments will take the reader to a form where he may leave some feedback, message, question, referrence etc and here reader will be asked for his Name, E-Mail & Website/Blog address. Try it now! just scroll down this article and at bottom click on the link Comments, this will take you a form where you can comment on my article!

To learn about BLOGs use comments, ask questions, leave remarks, Bookamrk your favorite BLOG!

Now these are all the thing, which a BLOG contains!

Now if you are interested, just creat your BLOG! and Enjoy!

Special Thanks to ProBlogger

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Tuesday, May 26


Top Blog-Directories where you should add your blog, so the users can search out and you get traffic.

Here are some Blog Directories' links to add your BLOG:
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Monday, May 25


DIGG it!

This is a social content website, where articles are submitted. If, your readers like any of yours posts, they simply Digg it! They like the material of post and Digg it for you and your Blog, and will wirte comments!

For all this and your readers, you as a host, must make easy all this and encourage your readers to submit your Blog posts. How to make? There are many ways to put the Digg button in the post. You can place the Digg button right after your Post Title, at the left side of the post, right side of the post, bottom of the post, in the footer of the post, right after the labels and even there where you like by editing the HTML Code of your template.

There are many buttons different in shape, has different text on them.

Now the thing to is, what code is to edit to place the Digg button in the posts. Here are the details:

Step-1: If you want to place the Digg button at each of your posts, you much set the Post Pages setting to 'YES', to enable it to this setting login your blogger account-> go to the Setting of your desired Blog->click the Archiving-> here set the Enable Post Pages? to YES. This action enables you to place the Digg button in every post, but here you are unable to include or exclude the Digg button from some specific post.

Step-2: Go to the Layout-> click Edit HTML, [Note: Before editting the Template Code, always download you template code or copy the text code to a new text file. So if you make any mistake you could install your old template.] -> check the box just before the Expand Widget Templates, now scroll down the template code and find:


I- If you want to place the button at the top right corner of your post, insert this code just before the above mentioned code:
<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'><script type='text/javascript'>digg_url=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;;</script><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div>

II- If you like the button to be appear at the right upper corner of the post then paste the below code just before the above mentioned code:

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'><script type='text/javascript'>digg_url=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;;</script><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div>

III- If you want that the button should be place at the bottom of the post then paste the following code just after the above mentioned code:
<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'><script type='text/javascript'>digg_url=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;;</script><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div>

IV- If you paste the following code just before the <div class='post-body'> you will get the button just below the post title at the right corner:
<div style="float:right; margin-left:10px;"> <a expr:href='";url=" +data:post.url + "&amp;title=" + data:post.title'target='_blank'><img border="0" alt="Digg this" src=""/></a></div>
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Wednesday, May 20

Thank you!

Dear Visitor!

I have received your E-mail, I will see that later.

Thankyou for contacing me!
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People who are new webmaster/blogger are always interested to know that how much people are visiting thier Blog a day, a week, a month, and where they come from, search engine, reffer, who is reffering them to you. These are much interesting information for a webmaster.

Search for the sites who provide the stat counters for Blogs & Websites, therey are too much. Not all but some sites will provide you all the information (discussed above) to you. Here are some of these, but remember all the sites need you to be registered and provide the common information regarding your Blog, then they will provide you the HTML Code of your desired counter, which you have to embed in your Blog.

How to do that?

-Sign-in to your account & go to dashboard.
-Go to Layout section.
-Open the Add a Page Element.
-Select the HTML/Javascript option in the list. (a window will be open)
-Paste the Code (provided by the counter site) in the window and SAVE it.

Save the changes and view the Blog, you counter will be there. Now your Blog is being tracked for your visitors.

Here are some good counter-sites:

Get your CODE HERE

Get your CODE HERE

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Monday, May 18


How to increase Technorati Authority?
This is the question, asked very frequently in the Blogging world by the new bloggers. If you are a new Blogger, then first What is Technorati..... Technorati is one of the leading Blog Search Engine which crawls and indexes millions of Blogs. And the secondly What is the Technorati Authority..... it means the total number of Blogs which were linked to your Blog within last 6 months. Technorati Authority is also a parameter for advertisers, because they look for this to buy the adds spot. If you Technorati Authority is High, it means your Blog is popular and has messive traffic, so the advertisers will preffer your to buy the add spots in your blog.
So want to become the favorite for the advertisers, here are some ways to make your blog popular than others:
1. Link Exchagne: Exchange your links with the Blogs most popular and related to your Blog topic. To do this just find the subject Blogs, contact the owners of those and offer them to exchange their links with you! For this go through the Blog Directories and Blog Search Engines, select your Category, find your desired ones and go ahead with those to exchange the links.
But why they will exchange their links with yours, if you don't have the contents good enough???
2. Quality Content: As you require the real material in the Newspapers, good features in any product, nice theme in Drama and Movie, then you should post the good quality content to your Blog, so the readers could have something new and good from you Blog. If you could do so, then the readers will come to your Blog and your Blog will be popular well.
3. Give a Way to You: If you are expertise in some field like fonts, Icons, template etc, then offer some free stuff to other people so they come to your Blog and have fun, just let them link to your Blog.
4. Link to Us: The readers who love your Blog want to add your link to their Blogs, so just design a small and pretty button or icon and add the "Link to Us" HTML code to your sidebar. This is easy for your readers to jsut copy and paste your link to their blogs.
5. Buy Links: If you want to increase your traffic with other ways then just buy the links on other blogs and websites related to your blog's topic and advertise your blog. This will increase you traffic, increase your Technorati Authority and increase the chances to be favorite add spot for advertisers.
6. More Blogs: If you have more blogs then you can increase your Technorati Authority easily by linking your all blogs to your main blog. More blogs you lin to your Blog, your atuhority will increase automatically.
7. Top Commentators: Try to find the people who have the 'Top Commentator' widget on their blogs. You just comment on their posts and get a backlink. DO NOT SPAMMMM!
8. Use Technoratie Badges: Technorati Badge is a button used to make favorite the Blog in the rating (Here it is.). You just simply add it to your Blog so the readers could fav you in Technorati Rating, it gives you a point.
9. Ping Blogs: Ping the blogs who are linking to your one. Just find the Blogs who are linking to you and ping them, doing so the Tecnorati will crawl them first and your authority will be increased automatically very fact. You can ping HERE.
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Technorati rating is good for your Blog Indexing and Page Ranking. Your readers do this.


Just add this button to you Blog, this will make easier for the readers to favorite your Blog on Technorati. And here is the procedure to do the all..........

Place this button in sidebare, just go to Layout, then Add a Gadget, now go to html/javascript, paste the code (provided below) and save it. Here you have Technorati Favorites button:

Type 1:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Add us to your technorati favorites" width="145" height="25" border="0" /></a>

Type 2:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Add us to your technorati favorites" width="145" height="25" border="0" /></a>

Type 3:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Add us to your technorati favorites" width="80" height="15" border="0" /></a>

Here you get your favorite Technorati Favorites add button.

NOTE: When you paste the appropriate button code in the HTML/Javascript window, then replace the with your blog address, and save it.
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Hey! do you know readers love your posts? What they about?

Having trouble to know? It's no problem!

You can get feedback from your readers either they like your post, and how much! For this you just add this beautiful Outbrain 5 star rating button to your Blog. You also can use this in anyother webpage you have. When you will add this to your Blog, you will automatically get the beautiful 5 star rating widget just below the Post.

Some readers ignore this and pass comments on your Post, it is better, but some readers are lazy they just tick the star and rate your post as ABCDE........

Thanks to Outbrain to provide this widget for FREE and without getting register.
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Saturday, May 16

{HOW TO} Embed HTML Text in Posts with background

While looking on my previous posts, I felt that there was a problem in my BLOG, that the HTML Text, shown inside the posts, was directly texted in the lines. It seems to be difficult to read some text under this format, so I was searching for the solution and I found one in

This is a simple and very short trick, takes just a min only!

All to do is to:
  • Login to your account,
  • Go to LAYOUT
  • Go to subcategory EDIT HTML
There will be shown your Template's Code, you all have to do that edit that code by pasting code given below, just before ]]></b:skin>
  • Now search ]]></b:skin> in template code
  • Paste the following code just before that;
.csscode {
margin : 15px 35px 15px 15px;
padding : 10px;
clear : both;
list-style-type : none;
background : #EEEEEE;;
border-top : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-right : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-bottom : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-left : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
  • Done IT!
Just save your template.

The work is not finished.

Now whenever you want to embed some HTML Text inside post, just type the subject code between <div class=csscode> and </div>


<div class=csscode>



  • The ALL is DONE!
Now whenever you will post with this method, HTML Code will be embeded with BACKGROUND.
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Friday, May 15


As I started blogging i faced many more problems, but i sort them out, How?

Then I thought that the solution for those problems must be told to everyone. So i started to post my experiments, but there was another problem.

When I typed some HTML Code post and published that post, the HTML Code was invisible. This was because Browser interpret the HTML code as instruction how to show the post.

e.g if I type the command <br/> , the Browser will take this as an instruction (line Break) and show the followed content in a new line.

Now what to do here?

Then I tried to change the symbols into their codes for; like

'<' for &lt '>' for &gt

This effort ended my problem but it was too difficult for me to change all the symbols, then I searched & found this utility which enable me to counter that problem.

Now i was free of trouble to show the HTML text to you!
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Friday, May 1

Contact Me

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If you could not contact me through this form then here is my direct E-Mail Address:
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Who Is Behind This All.....


I am Wasim Mughal from PAKISTAN. I am MUSLIM!

I am a NewBie to Blogging World, impressed by this world. I have 5 siblings and living single. My education is not too high but Reading is my hobby!

Currently I am doing my job in PAKISTAN NAVY!

This is a great adventure serving the Nation and protecting own people from enemies. Pakistan Navy is a Defensive Force has sufficient resource to protect PAKISTANI Waters. Being a member of Armed Force I would like to say that

"Never Love Soldiers, We Die Young"

Coming to the Point that why I am Blogging?

Once I thought that I will make my own website, about 10 year ago, when my cousin brought a PC in home and we started sufing Net.

I felt this world as fun! but at the time passed my thoughts about InterNet got changed. Now a days I am using InterNet for my Professional and Educational Purpose.

What I am blogging?

This is an important point! Infact this Blog (you are viewing) I made just to learn Blogging, and I am succeed more than a bit! Now I am going to Launch my three BLOGs with my special subjects. There i will tell the world about my experience and knowledge.

Hope you all will teach, suggest and critise me about this!

Thank You!
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