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Thursday, May 28

What is A BLOG?


A BLOG is a type of Website. This is usually maintained by an individual who regularly posts some articles, some commentries, some content, desciption of events or some video or images. The Entries made by BLOG Owner, usually, are displayed in reverse order.

A Blog is just like a diary, where you (Blog Owner) enters the content what you like. This may be about some unique topic like BLOGGING, or it may even contain several topics like Copmuter Tricks, Movies, Politics, Travelling, Nature, Games etc. A typical BLOG combines Text, Images and Links to other BLOGs or WEBSITES.


There are many different types of BLOGs. These type not only differs in type of content but also in the way that content is delivered or written. Here are some types;
  • Personal Blog: This is the Most Common BLOG type. This is an ongoing diary by an individual. This kind of BLOGs usually do not become famouse, but Owner takes pride. Few of them rise to fame.
  • Corporate Blog: This type refers that Blog Owner is using it as a Business Resort. A Blog either used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relation purpose is called Corporate Blog.
  • by Genre: BLOGs focus on a particular topic like Music, Games, Themes, Fashion, Education, Niche are counted under this category. This type contains two basic categories Art Blog and Music Blog.
  • by Media Type: This type include: vlog (Comprising on Videos), linklog (comprising links), sketchblog (one contains a portofolio of sketches), photoblog (contains photos).

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What I Think?

Talking farely! A BLOG is an online diary, where you can store and publish the content whatever you like, either about come particular niche or a bunch of topic. Here all content You (Blog Owner)posted will be displayed in reverse order!(Latest Article First & the First Article at the End) Have a Look at a HomePage of My Blog and Some Other BLOG!

You can make a BLOG about anything! Anything like about; your passion, Education, Travelling, Marketing, Blog of Your Brand, Computer Softwares, Technology, Games, Music, Movies, Politics & even about Coutries Comparison!

Important things in a BLOG are Archive, Categories & Comments.

All the articles/enteries you make are not shown on HomePage, so a NewBie may think that here is not much stuff! So here Archive meets the solution! Archives keep the underground content, I mean the conent which is not visible on Main Page.
Archives are like books racks where your articles are placed, you can arrange your archive as per your choice (monthly, weekly or even by date!)

When you post some entry/article, this directly gets space on your Main Page and the old entry is automatically disappeared. Infact this disappearred entry is not deleted, this goes Underground and is placed in Archives. So to search the Sub-Surface Contents Archives are the key! There are two simple ways of searching the content for readers, simply read the Archives or go through the Categories!

Categories are backdoor to the Older Articles which are archived and are not visible on front page. If reader want to see all post related to some category, simply will click on the category name and there all the articles I have posted will be visible on front page! The articles I posted earlier will be at bottom and the Latest at the TOP!

Comments are the part of BLOG where you can give Feedback to BLOG Owner. Most blogs have Comments, because each Author want to know about his effort! & Indeed comments are the links between Reader and Blog Owner. Clicking on Comments will take the reader to a form where he may leave some feedback, message, question, referrence etc and here reader will be asked for his Name, E-Mail & Website/Blog address. Try it now! just scroll down this article and at bottom click on the link Comments, this will take you a form where you can comment on my article!

To learn about BLOGs use comments, ask questions, leave remarks, Bookamrk your favorite BLOG!

Now these are all the thing, which a BLOG contains!

Now if you are interested, just creat your BLOG! and Enjoy!

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