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Thursday, May 28

Qualities of a Successfull BLOG and BLOGGER!

Before you launch your BLOG you must learn about following!


Because here are Milions of people who BLOG, some are professional and some have personal BLOGs!

These are the qualities of a Good and Successfull Blogger. Note: If you feel that you don't own some of these qualities, then do not leave BLOGGING! Doing some hardwork will make able you to stand in the list of Successfull Bloggers! Just don't give up and continue with these qualities........

These came in my head by Analyzing the Successfull Bloggers and i am writing these here so there will not be order for these. First you answer these questions and then make your Own BLOG!

Do You Work Hard? - Simple You need to work hard for each success, but here competition is hard. First you set your goals in BLOGGING, because these goals will set the level you need to work on a blog.

Where to Do Hard Work???

Answer is simple, in your content writing!

If you post anything within 20 minute than you have no difference. To post quality content you have to take some more time, some pain, some hard work for your Article.

As "One Hard Worker Never Fails", similarly you have to work hard to get success. Anyway a lots of effort and hard work in your BLOG will give you results!

Do You Know Basics? - Nothing is resoved without knowing basics! similarly if you don't know the basic theme of BLOGGING, you will FAIL! Clearify yourself the Basics of your goals, your needs, your opinion. Whenever someone take steps one takes one by one, earlier the FIRST and then Second. So understand the Basics of BLOGGING and then BLOG!

Are You Creative & Genuine? - A successfull Blogger is always wise, Genuine and (additionally) creative. If you BLOG then be genuine! Genuine doesn't mean to be someone who post the topic which is not touched by anyone else. As we live different, we thinks different, that's why we are unique is some ways. Now, while wirting contents, bring your personality in your wording, in your message. Just think "What makes your writing yours, what makes your content unique, what will make readers come back to your blog"! this should be your approach to the topic of discussion. You must be full of Ideas, think about your readers and making your Blog appealing them so they come back. "The problem isn’t whether or not you are creative. Rather, the problem is what is limiting your creativity."

Be Consistent! - Never Give Up! When you write about some particular niche then write consistently. The Bloggers who changes their midstrea of their BLOGs, their way of approach to the Readers, the topics, their voice and increase the expectations from their Readers can loose the respect!
While No-one likes the borings, so be consistent and never give up a little mistake!

Be Confidnet! - While you think about writing something and keeps thinking.....Never think too much! If you want to write about something you like and fell passion in that then just write it! Always remember CONFIDENT comes from writing things. Don't "please" your readers! Never avoid writing when you feel that readers will not like this, may be you are leaving your best post by leaving that topic, so Just Write It!

Do You Enjoy Writing? - Writing is the main segment of a BLOG, and if you don't love writing something, you may be a misfit to BLOGGING!

Have A Message, Be Clear! - A big world is BLOGGING today and using must blogging applications to communicate about some product some message. Think! do You need / want to communicate any message? or starting BLOG just for fun??? (This may be a waste of Time) If you have some message then be clear!


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