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Wednesday, May 20


People who are new webmaster/blogger are always interested to know that how much people are visiting thier Blog a day, a week, a month, and where they come from, search engine, reffer, who is reffering them to you. These are much interesting information for a webmaster.

Search for the sites who provide the stat counters for Blogs & Websites, therey are too much. Not all but some sites will provide you all the information (discussed above) to you. Here are some of these, but remember all the sites need you to be registered and provide the common information regarding your Blog, then they will provide you the HTML Code of your desired counter, which you have to embed in your Blog.

How to do that?

-Sign-in to your account & go to dashboard.
-Go to Layout section.
-Open the Add a Page Element.
-Select the HTML/Javascript option in the list. (a window will be open)
-Paste the Code (provided by the counter site) in the window and SAVE it.

Save the changes and view the Blog, you counter will be there. Now your Blog is being tracked for your visitors.

Here are some good counter-sites:

Get your CODE HERE

Get your CODE HERE


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