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Monday, May 18


How to increase Technorati Authority?
This is the question, asked very frequently in the Blogging world by the new bloggers. If you are a new Blogger, then first What is Technorati..... Technorati is one of the leading Blog Search Engine which crawls and indexes millions of Blogs. And the secondly What is the Technorati Authority..... it means the total number of Blogs which were linked to your Blog within last 6 months. Technorati Authority is also a parameter for advertisers, because they look for this to buy the adds spot. If you Technorati Authority is High, it means your Blog is popular and has messive traffic, so the advertisers will preffer your to buy the add spots in your blog.
So want to become the favorite for the advertisers, here are some ways to make your blog popular than others:
1. Link Exchagne: Exchange your links with the Blogs most popular and related to your Blog topic. To do this just find the subject Blogs, contact the owners of those and offer them to exchange their links with you! For this go through the Blog Directories and Blog Search Engines, select your Category, find your desired ones and go ahead with those to exchange the links.
But why they will exchange their links with yours, if you don't have the contents good enough???
2. Quality Content: As you require the real material in the Newspapers, good features in any product, nice theme in Drama and Movie, then you should post the good quality content to your Blog, so the readers could have something new and good from you Blog. If you could do so, then the readers will come to your Blog and your Blog will be popular well.
3. Give a Way to You: If you are expertise in some field like fonts, Icons, template etc, then offer some free stuff to other people so they come to your Blog and have fun, just let them link to your Blog.
4. Link to Us: The readers who love your Blog want to add your link to their Blogs, so just design a small and pretty button or icon and add the "Link to Us" HTML code to your sidebar. This is easy for your readers to jsut copy and paste your link to their blogs.
5. Buy Links: If you want to increase your traffic with other ways then just buy the links on other blogs and websites related to your blog's topic and advertise your blog. This will increase you traffic, increase your Technorati Authority and increase the chances to be favorite add spot for advertisers.
6. More Blogs: If you have more blogs then you can increase your Technorati Authority easily by linking your all blogs to your main blog. More blogs you lin to your Blog, your atuhority will increase automatically.
7. Top Commentators: Try to find the people who have the 'Top Commentator' widget on their blogs. You just comment on their posts and get a backlink. DO NOT SPAMMMM!
8. Use Technoratie Badges: Technorati Badge is a button used to make favorite the Blog in the rating (Here it is.). You just simply add it to your Blog so the readers could fav you in Technorati Rating, it gives you a point.
9. Ping Blogs: Ping the blogs who are linking to your one. Just find the Blogs who are linking to you and ping them, doing so the Tecnorati will crawl them first and your authority will be increased automatically very fact. You can ping HERE.


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